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Headline and Cultural Forums

The Future of the U.S. ‘Rebalance’ to Asia: A View from the Region

Dr. Bates Gill

Dr. Bates Gill (Chief Executive Officer, United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney; Former Director, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) discusses the likely directions for the rebalance policy and the future of the U.S role in the Asia-Pacific more broadly. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon?: Why China Has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World

Yong Zhao

Join us for this engaging and provocative look inside the Chinese school system with award-winning writer Yong Zhao. Is this really our "Sputnik Moment...and is this the path that U.S. schools should be headed? Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Film: On the Way to School

Film: On the Way to SchoolPascale Plisson’s breathtaking César-winning documentary explores the arduous journeys that four young people from four corners of the globe face as part of their daily trek to school. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Can We Ever Move Past Racism?

Kambiz GhaneaBassiri

Can We Ever Move Past Racism?Kambiz GhaneaBassiri explores whether in a society where social, political and economic interests have long been closely tied to race, it possible to not only to envision a post-racist America but to make manifest that promise? Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Mama Koko and the Hundred Gunmen: An Extraordinary Tale of Love, Loss, and Survival in Congo

Lisa Shannon

Join us for a moving discussion with International human rights activist Lisa Shannon about her new book "Mama Koko and the Hundred Gunmen," her experience in the Congo, and how she confronted her limitations as an activist and reconciled her vision of what it means to affect meaningful change in the lives of others. Read More ››