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Headline and Cultural Forums

Headline and Cultural Forums

Headline Forum Lectures

What in the World? The Council’s monthly Headline Forum brings expert authorities with firsthand knowledge of hot spots and topics around the world to Portland. Headline Forums give you access to some of the globe’s most insightful, leading diplomatic and political officials, policy makers, authors, journalists, and academics. Whether a more formal luncheon, informal brown-bag, or evening event with cocktails, these candid public forums are excellent opportunities to learn about the pressing foreign affairs of the day.

Cultural Events

Beyond the world of politics and policy, Cultural Forums are your passport to exciting international sights, sounds, and sensations. Connect with global culture through programs on everything from international wine and beer and chocolates, to community service projects and heritage festivals to dance, music, theater and visual art.

Recent Headline and Cultural Forums News

Headline and Cultural Forums
Fri, 02/14/2014

Senator Ron Wyden to kick off Senator Wayne Morse Legacy Series

How do we ensure that both liberty and security are protected in this age of enhanced surveillance? U.S. SENATOR RON WYDEN discusses the tension between civil liberties and national security and how we can preserve liberty and security. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums
Thu, 07/18/2013 - 1:00pm

What's Next For Egypt? Missed the event? Watch the video!

On Friday, July 12, Dr. Thomas Bartlett, former President of the American University in Cairo, delivered a riveting talk on events unfolding in Egypt. Watch the video. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums
Wed, 02/13/2013 - 9:15am

Trita Parsi: Obama & Iran-Between War, Sanctions and Diplomacy

If you missed Trita Parsi's excellent talk on September 11in Portland - check out the video Read More ››

Upcoming Headline and Cultural Forums Events

Headline and Cultural Forums

Adam Tanner: Personal Data, Big Business & the End of Privacy

Adam Tanner: Big Data, Big Business & the End of PrivacyWhat if the greatest threat to our privacy today is not the NSA, but trusted American companies? Investigative business reporter Adam Tanner explores the Wild West of data capture and all the ways our personal information is driving commerce. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity

Nicholas D. Kristof

A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating OpportunityNicholas Kristof takes us to the frontlines of social change, sharing stories and profiles of inspiring initiatives that are making a difference and transforming lives. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

Omo River Valley: Progress at What Cost?

Randy Olson

Periods of Drought on The Omo River, EthiopiaRandy Olson, veteran National Geographic photographer, discusses the culture and people of Omo River Valley, on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya, whose livelihood is threatened by a massive hydroelectric dam being constructed in southern Ethiopia. Read More ››

Headline and Cultural Forums

How Could This Happen? Explaining the Holocaust

Dan McMillan

How Could This Happen? Explaining the HolocaustPutting the Holocaust into a new historical context, historian Dan McMillan offers a compelling argument for how the perfect storm of bleak circumstances, malevolent ideas, and damaged personalities unleashed such terrifying atrocity and whether it could happen again. Read More ››